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Statutory accounts and corporation tax

We can help you with your statutory accounts, corporation tax, and support you with tax protection.

Statutory accounts

We will ensure your annual statutory accounts are prepared in the correct format and submitted in accordance with Companies House requirements. Our team will lighten the regulatory burden by keeping your statutory returns up to date.

We will critically analyse your figures whilst we prepare the statutory accounts, highlighting to you any areas for improvement that we see.

Our team take their own professional development seriously, keeping up to date with accounting standards and regulations, and developments in all areas of taxation. We use our professional expertise to provide you with the most current advice.

Corporation tax

Under Corporation Tax Self Assessment (CTSA), the legal responsibility for correctly calculating the corporation tax liability falls on business owner. As your accountants, we hold the information necessary to prepare these returns for submission to HMRC. We will calculate your company's tax liability and advise you of the payments due.

The increased reporting obligations, investigation policies on the part of the tax authorities and harsher penalties for non-compliance mean that your time and resources can be taken up with tax administration. We will help to minimise corporate tax exposure and relieve the administrative burden of compliance with current tax legislation. Effective corporate tax planning can also result in significant improvements in your bottom line.

Tax protection

With the increased risk of tax investigation we hold an annual tax fees block insurance policy to protect our clients against the additional costs of an investigation by HMRC.

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